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How to brush your teeth properly?

Teeth should be brushed 2-3 times a day after meals.

  • Start with the upper molar and wash them in a circular motion up and down.
  • Wash the upper incisor in an up to down direction.
  • Start with the molar to clean the inner side of the teeth and wash them down to up direction and wash incisors up to down direction.
  • The lower teeth are also washed with rotational movements from molars.
  • When washing the lower incisors, the teeth are flush from the bottom to up.
  • Brush your tongue after brushing your teeth.

7 common mistakes you can make when brushing your teeth

  • Press too much while washing
  • Washed in the wrong way
  • Don’t change toothbrush for a long time
  • Not washed often enough
  • Rinse too much with water
  • Molars are not washed
  • No dental floss is used

Make sure you brush your teeth properly and try to avoid these mistakes.

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