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Dr. Ankhbayar’s greeting

Greetings to all of you. I thought I would start with my greetings with a word “smile”. Because people with confident and happy smiles always those full of joy and happiness. That is why, I wish everyone should shine the happy smile with healthy teeth. Therefore, I would prefer to say that healthy teeth and oral hygiene are the most beautiful “Ornament” of a person.

In addition, a healthy eating habit is the foundation of the healthy life. Initial step of eating process is a chewing. Thorough chewing allows you feel the tastes of food and proper digestion, which eventually leads to absorb the best of minerals and vitamins to sustain a healthy life.

Thus, every 6 months your teeth have to be checked and treated if necessary. If not treated in a timely manner, you may end up paying more and more importantly your teeth will pose signs of decay or gum disease. Diseased tooth can transmit infection, moreover, tooth decay bacteria can be transmitted to digestive system of a body.

If you have lost a tooth, this may cause improper eating and chewing process which may lead and bring facial changes and appearances.

I believe you have realized that how important tooth are in human life by just pointing out few examples. Thus, I encourage all you to have routine dental exams and check ups before things get worse.

Your Sincerely, Ankhbayar. B

Director of Zimo Dental Clinic

About Us

“Zimo Dental Clinic” was founded in September 1, 2017. Since 2018, the clinic provides medical services in accordance with an approval from local authorities. We are committed to providing an outstanding service with an aim of providing the highest quality service and meeting with clients’ demands and satisfaction.

Vision: To become one of the leading dental clinics in Mongolia and Asia

Mission: With an aim to meeting with patient satisfactions and needs, “Zimo Dental Clinic Mongolia” provides dental services including dental treatment, cosmetic and restorative dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery by meeting with highest standards of hygiene and world class quality assurances.

Our Values: Your trust and commitment in our services and our experienced and qualified team with friendly and warm welcome are our values.

Quality assurance: Our team strives to introduce the latest technology and practices into our dental services which comply with local and world quality standards. Patient needs and demands are the prime importance align with our work ethics and quality assurances.

Types of dental services: “Zimo Dental Clinic” services include:

  • Implants
  • Hollywood smile, veneers (porcelain and zircon) and cosmetic dentistry,
  • Child and adult dentistry (Preventive care, diagnosis and treatment)
  • Restorative dentistry (dental bridges and crowns) and dentures
  • Dental bonding, all types of braces and apparatuses
  • Dental surgery – Tooth extractions, laser treatment and gum contouring

Hygiene and disinfection

Introducing world standard hygiene and disinfection practices and we also comply with Mongolian hygiene standards and disinfection practices of dentistry clinics.

Among top priorities of any clinical establishments are disinfection and preventive measures. Taking proper preventive measures and practices are core fundamentals of the best protective steps. Thus, our administrative team considers “Dental clinics are vulnerable to high risk infection” and takes every steps to have adequate resources to provide patients with disposable supplies on every patient arrival.

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ZIMO Dental Clinic Mongolia

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