Dental Defect Treatment


Dentures can be categorized into 2 following types:

  1. Metal cast dentures
  2. Acrylic dentures

A type of dentures should be chosen by dentists, depending on the teeth and row. It is important that removable and partial dentures are made of high quality acrylic (plastic) due to its wear over a normal course of time when consuming food.

You can wear upper dentures up to 3 years. Because tiny micro holes are formed on the surface of the acrylic where bacteria and germs will grow in those holes. These bacteria and germs will be transmit to stomach and cause various types of diseases. Therefore, we recommend patients to have new dentures after wearing dentures for 3 years.

Dental bridges and Dental crowns

Why a dental crown procedure is needed: 

  • Teeth with large fillings
  • Broken teeth or misshapen teeth
  • After canal root treatments of broken teeth (first or second premolars)

Dental crowns can be made of zirconia, emax, porcelain, metal porcelain, metal, gold etc. Each of these crowns have advantages and disadvantages, that is why patients should consult with their dentists for a selection and suitability of the material.

Dental bridges

If a gap between the teeth is too narrow, it attaches permanent artificial teeth (dental bridges) to adjacent natural teeth. These dentures help to fill the gap and support adjacent natural teeth for chewing and eating. Compare to ordinary dental bridges, these type of dental bridges can be cleaned by a floss from either side of the teeth.

Key benefits of dental bridges:

  • Bring a natural look and appearance
  • Maintain proper functions of chewing, eating and talking
  • Durable and strong
  • Can be done in short period of time
  • Restore extracted teeth with permanent dental bridges
  • To prevent from further damages of teeth that have large fillings and canal treatments