Dental Imperfection Treatment

Permanent and temporary braces

Orthodontic dentistry is long a term dental treatment that deals with permanent and temporary braces to correct malpositioned teeth and jaws. It is not only a cosmetic dentistry but rather a correction of right biting and chewing.

Key benefits of orthodontic dentistry

  • Improvement of healthy oral cavity
  • Correct orofacial appearance
  • Increased confidence level

Types of orthodontic braces: there are 2 types of braces – permanent and temporary.

Permanent braces: Metal: Porcelain: Natural which looks more natural than others.

Temporary braces: Results will be better if you start the orthodontic treatment as early as possible.

When to wear braces (age requirements) 

  • Temporary braces for 6-12 years of age
  • Permanent braces for above 12 years of age or after permanent teeth erupt.

If your teeth are malpositioned, crooked or crowded, you need to visit the dentistry for the further dental diagnosis and the consultation. With the help of x-ray, teeth molds and dental diagnosis, we will determine the treatment plan.

Dental braces wear time vary, depending on the teeth conditions.

Temporary braces – Invisalign

A modern orthodontic treatment which a transparent plastic aligner (brace) and looks convenient and better looking.

It should be removed when eating and washing your teeth, a patient should wear at least 22 hours per day. You can maintain overall oral health.