Dental Treatment

Tooth Fillings

Fillings are the main material used to treat tooth decay. Fillings are to create tooth colored restorations and looks more natural. Nowadays, ultraviolet light is commonly used to harden fillings which are stronger and more durable for chewing. It also poses a more natural look and takes better polishing and settles well. These new restoration technologies areaesthetically pleasing and very strong thanks to new bonding technologies.

A rapid development of plastic fillings and bonding materials (clue for fillings and teeth) helps to last fillings up to 10 years.

Zimo Dental Clinic uses the IVOCLAR VIVADENT / filling brand and the CLEARFIL / brand for its bonding material.

Secret of good fillings is to use the right techniques and equipment with good fillings and bonding materials, after a thorough cleaning of tooth.

Root canal treatment

Why root canal treatment is needed?

A tooth that is severely decayed or infected causes strong pain. To prevent spread of infection and relieve of pain, root canal is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Because of cleaning of nerves and blood vessels, the tooth become vulnerable to cracks and loses its natural look. After the molars’ root canal treatment, molars may have defects which needed to have dental crowns.

High hygiene and disinfection standards is needed because root canal treatment is exposed to patient’s blood. At Zimo Dental Clinic, we show the patient a new disposable and sterilized tools before commencing the root canal treatment. The main purpose of the root canal treatment is to remove the nerve and pulp of the tooth and seal with fillings.

How would you know if you need root canal treatment? 

  • Severe toothache. Frequent or constant toothache.
  • Swelling in nearby gums which poses mild pain
  • Toothache in evenings and nights. All these reasons indicate that you might need the root canal treatment.

However, a final treatment plan will be decided by the dentists.